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I produced my first piece of furniture twenty five years ago in the back of a 1952 school bus, and I discovered two things in that process - how a sense of accomplishment can sustain you through a lifetime, and secondly, to always measure your shop door before you build a piece of furniture. Somewhere there is a rusting bus with a trunk in it too large for the emergency exit.

Each piece of furniture I build begins with the last piece in some form of some idea or detail I wish to further explore. These aspects of past pieces evolve and mature within my new work. Furniture making like this becomes equal parts of building and learning, a process that keeps my work honest and alive. As long as you challenge yourself in each piece, testing your abilities, you will sustain a sense of excitement that is conveyed in your work.

As a craftsman, I want my work to make a bold and assertive search for an identity. Once my work becomes more of an exploration than an exercise, then every aspect is excited. Even the most tedious functions are riveted to a realm of possibilities. Each piece I build must be important to demand from me the highest level of craftsmanship.

Work this excellent demands a design equally enduring. Somehow I fell into the perfect life. To wake up excited each day, and walk twenty feet to my studio to see just what might happen...

John Wesley Williams
Designer - Craftsman
360 Pleasant Lane
Renick, WV 24966
Telephone: 304-497-3896 / Cell: 304-646-3829
E-mail: john@johnwesleywilliamsfurniture.com

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