Furniture to me is equal parts building and learning -
a process that keeps my work honest and alive.

Each piece I build has to be personally important and demand from me the highest level of aesthetic beauty and craftsmanship. An adherence to excellence along with a constant reevaluation of process and design can result in a piece such as the stand up desk - simply the end result of an evolution that takes place in my studio.
Birdseye Maple Sideboard Detail Spanish Carved Case Stand Up Desk
Work that demands so much of me must have a design that goes beyond current fads and foibles and is equally enduring.
Septomolierre Large Desk and Chair Cherry Carved Case
Wood has been a part of mankind's existence from the very beginning. Other "ages", have come and gone but the wood age is permanent. My work not only embodies the inherent beauty of wood, but also its tactile nature. These pieces are for lovers of wood, who understand that true beauty must be felt. This is furniture that does not sit quietly against the wall, and must be petted.
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All works shown or commissioned are produced from a variety of ecologically sustainable hardwood lumber. Pieces shown may be ordered in other hardwoods, both figured and plain. Veneers are only used at the request of the client.

I employ century old techniques of construction, such as hand cut dovetails, mortice and tenon and sliding dovetails. My intentions are simple, to have each piece be the embodiment of excellence in both design and craftsmanship. The world has a sufficient supply of mediocre work to which I do not care to add to.

The piece you order will not only be produced by me, I also sweep up afterwards.

Prices will be furnished upon request. Terms are always one half down and the balance is due upon your total satisfaction.

World wide shipping is available

Great work demands a great finish, and the type used is a hand applied oil. This results in a surface that is impregnable to all liquids, but it does not look like your piece of furniture is "under", the finish, but rather each is a part of the other. All marks can be easily removed with light steel wool, without "removing", the finish. And of course ninety years from now, you can refinish the entire piece since it is solid wood, though the folks on the antique road show will castigate you.

John Wesley Williams
Designer - Craftsman
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Telephone: 304-497-3896 / Cell: 304-646-3829
E-mail: john@johnwesleywilliamsfurniture.com

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